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2019 Advocacy Day RSVP

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ICEP Advocacy Day RSVP

Plan to join fellow members and ICEP's lobbyists on Thursday, March 21 in Springfield to meet with state legislators to lobby for emergency medicine issues.

The program will start at 11:00 AM at the Sangamo Club in Springfield, where participants will attend a briefing with lobbyists from Illinois Strategies, LLC., and have lunch at the Club.

After lunch, the group will walk to the state capitol to visit legislators. Members may make appointments with their legislators but should note that many legislators' offices do not take appointments and prefer drop-in visits.

There is no charge to attend ICEP Advocacy Day for current members, but advance registration is required. Non-member physicians may attend at a cost of $20. Call 630-495-6400 to complete your registration.

Participants outside of Springfield may wish to take Amtrak for convenience. The Amtrak station is within walking distance of the Sangamo Club.

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